CS Group™ offer planned maintenance services to clients. We also provide ‘responsive air conditioning Maintenance’ for emergency call outs and these services are also available for customers whose air conditioning has been installed by other companies. There is only one reason to support a planned maintenance program. Planned maintenance increases profits!.

Older air conditioning equipment can account for a large part of a building’s energy costs. Sometimes, air conditioning can even double a building’s energy consumption and associated carbon emissions..

Well-maintained modern air conditioning systems use energy much more efficiently, which not only saves money on energy costs but also reduces carbon emissions.

What makes our maintenance services so special!

Our maintenance engineers are fully trained and have a full supporting back-up team. The responsive maintenance Company, Campbell & Law Facilities Ltd is available 24 hours a day. Even if we did not install your system we will still supply support.

We have in-depth knowledge and understanding of most systems available as we work with the majority of the world’s HVAC manufacturers. Campbell & Law Facilities Ltd is a member of the CS Group™ of companies.