R22 Fluid Replacement Deadline Ended 2014

As we all know, technology is constantly evolving, and technology within the air conditioning industry is no exception. The advances seen within this sector have led to more environmentally friendly systems, and air conditioning systems that are considerably more efficient. These efficiencies have led to significant decreases in cooling energy costs.

Any air conditioning system still using the coolant R22 is considered old technology, and these systems will be operating on average, 40% less efficiently than new replacement systems. In addition, air conditioning systems using R22 contain harmful ozone depleting refrigerants.

The phasing out of R22 is now a legal necessity as defined by EU regulation 2037/2000. Therefore every air conditioning system must be modified or upgraded to ensure that all systems cease using R22. This means users must either switch to alternative refrigerants or purchase new air conditioning equipment.

Even relatively new air conditioning systems may appear well built and function correctly, but if they are using R22 then they must be either modified or replaced to meet EU regulations.

The phasing out of R22 systems therefore should be a priority, regardless of the age of your current system. And it is clear that by doing so clients will save significantly on their cooling energy costs.

Act Now!

As a result of the legislation that has been passed, the replacement of R22 refrigerants is the biggest change ever to effect the air conditioning industry. R22 is now banned in all new virgin systems, whilst existing systems must be modified or replaced in order to conform to the legal requirements.

Taking action now will ensure that your air conditioning system is legal, environmentally friendly, and saves you money. It is in your interest to act swiftly to avoid the consequences of non-compliance.

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